Virginia Beach Sunrise


 Happy New Year, friends & followers!!

I hope that your 2013 went out with a bang (in a good way) and that you are already being blessed and loved in 2014. My New Year’s Eve celebration ended up being smaller and quieter than I’d originally hoped, but in hindsight I’m totally okay with that. Last year this time I made some questionable choices that didn’t have any lasting repercussions but did mess with my head a bit… It feels good to wake up this morning with no regrets or commitments. It feels mature and settled. (Perhaps that is a sign of what’s to come in the next 12 months.)

Anyway, after a quick Dunkin Donuts run for a bagel and coffee, I decided to start the New Year off right this morning with Season 5 Episode 1 of “Supernatural.” What better way to kick off a new start than watching Sam and Dean battle the Apocalypse?

I also decided to re-read The List. See if anything new jumped out at me. Ponder which item to check off next. In doing so, I realized that I’d already completed one this week, completely by accident!

After visiting Beth earlier this week, I made the 11-hour drive from her home down south back to my beautiful (and frigid) New England apartment. As it just so happened, Beth’s 18-year-old younger sister was also traveling north on the same day, and it made so much more sense for her to just ride with me than to take a bus by herself. And thus, I gained a travel buddy!

I suppose I could use this to check “Road trip with a friend” off my list. However, it doesn’t really count in my brain because (a) I make very similar south-north/north-south drives several times a year and (b) I barely knew her before we got on the road. Just the same, though, it was a really great trip and I loved having company, particularly company who appreciates country music as much as I do. 🙂

Anyway, we headed out bright and early in hopes of getting to my place at a half-way decent hour. I don’t mind driving at night… except when it’s the last few hours of a nearly 12-hour long drive. Then I mind a bit. So my goal is always to use as much sunlit time as possible.

We didn’t even think about the fact that we’d be on the road when the sun came up. Or that the “road” we’d be on would be the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

If you’ve never driven through the Virginia Beach area, you may not know about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. It’s a 23-mile long stretch of road that stretches not only over, but also UNDER, the Chesapeake Bay. It’s quite a marvel to travel over, especially if you’re like me and have only heard about it but never actually traveled it before. The experience was made even more impressive by the perfect timing as the sun slipped above the horizon and broke through the clouds.

Virginia Beach Sunrise

Another upside to have someone ride shotgun: She got to take pictures while I kept driving.

Even after we finished crossing the Bridge-Tunnel and were back on solid land (at least I think it was solid land… the lines are all a bit blurred around there), the sky was still stunning.



So I may not feel ready to cross the roadtrip off The List, but I definitely count this amazing morning drive as “Watching the sun rise over the ocean.” I certainly don’t plan on this being my last time to experience it. But I’m very pleased to have this as my first. 🙂

All photos borrowed from my fantastic copilot and photographer J.G.