“Wow, you really have a selective memory, don’t you?!”


I adore my friends. Truly, honestly, I have the greatest friends in the world.

They do fantabulous things like stay up all night to write a novel in one month. And buy full-length prom dresses at Goodwill, just because we can. And make cross-country road trips, living out of the back of a Subaru. And freak out when they wake up and have blue-painted toenails. And show up at my door unexpectedly for a Halloween party. And watch full television series start-to-finish in a handful of weeks. And spit tequila all over the living room floor. And run to the nearest IHOP whenever we see one another.

We’re a little bit crazy. And a lotta bit awesome.

And in three weeks, one of my very bestest friends in the world is moving to Australia. Which is a very, very long way away from where I live. (So far, in fact, that GoogleMaps has no idea how to map the trip.)

Therefore, as I write this, I am sitting on Beth’s bed following a lovely trip to the International House of Pancakes. Because I couldn’t let Christmas break pass by without coming to visit her before she left. I haven’t felt this comfortable and this “myself” in a long time. The two of us on either ends of a bed, both buried in our laptops, with potato chips and Helluva Good dip and a bag of chocolate between us. And of course, a movie playing in the background. Tonight’s selection is “The World’s End.” [The combination of this movie and being back with Beth is prompting me to add “Bar Crawl” to The List.] Feels like I’m right back in my senior year of college again.

It may be the world’s end… but, at this moment, the world feels pretty okay to me.

On another note, Tuesday night is New Year’s Eve. My friend Christine and I are planning to hang out, though the exact details of our plans are still up-in-the-air. I’ve also extended an invite to Matt (that really sweet, cute guy from our Halloween party) to come out on the town with us. We’ll see what happens. Hope you each have fun and safe things planned for your New Year’s!!