20 Days and Back Again


Yikes, did I really fall off the web for a full 20 days? My apologies. Not exactly the greatest way to stick to goals and resolutions. But when you fall down, you get back up again. So I am climbing back on my horse, gathering up my sword, and continuing on.

2014 has been interesting so far. Some friends and I started off the new year with a post-holiday, 21-day detox. No caffeine, no alcohol, no meats, no dairy, no added sugar. High fiber, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, rice, beans.

I won’t lie, I wasn’t the most legalistic in my approach to the rules of the detox. What’s the point of being healthy if you’re miserable while doing it? So I took a few days to wean myself off the caffeine and sugar. And when I got a minor concussion at work last week, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get coffee so I wouldn’t fall asleep as soon as I got home. When some friends met for dinner, I ordered a nice big salad… and I didn’t bother to request they leave off the chicken. Sue me.

But I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in three weeks. And I’ve gone from needing cream and sugar (and often flavoring) to stomach my coffee, to drinking it with skim milk and half the sugar I used to need. I sweeten my oatmeal with bananas instead of two spoonfuls sugar. And I have a giant bag of brown rice and another of flaxseed, both of which I intend to keep using every chance I get.

I haven’t weighed myself in a while, so I don’t know if I lost anything by eating this way. But that wasn’t really the point. My body feels refreshed and more balanced that it has in a while. I no longer feel as though I NEED coffee to wake up each morning. And, overall, I’m really proud of myself. Proud that I stuck with it for three weeks. And proud that I made decisions that fit MY life, rather than forcing myself to stick with a list of “good” and “bad” foods.

Yesterday was officially the last day of the detox. Today I begin the process of deciding what changes to keep in my diet and what foods to re-incorporate. I’m definitely going to start eating some meats again. And I’ll keep a small bottle of milk on hand for cereal, coffee, baking. I’ll drink caffeinated tea and coffee, but I don’t plan to rely so heavily on them. I want to keep my diet low in sugar and high in fiber to keep my tummy as happy as it has been this month. 🙂 Beyond that, we’ll see how it goes!

Right now, I’m off to the gym! I overslept and missed a yoga class I’d planned to attend this a.m., but I refuse to give up working out today. Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday afternoon and are staying warm. (We still have snow on the ground here and are expecting more flurries tonight.)

Yours truly… and please let me know what you think of the new blog layout!


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