23 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23


Over Christmas break, my mom and I had a conversation at the laundromat about why I’m not upset, depressed or discouraged by my friend’s recent engagement. It was a good opportunity for me to put my viewpoint, philosophy and way of life into words, which I hadn’t stopped to do recently. It was nice to log onto Facebook this morning and find a blogger who seems to be walking a similar path and be totally okay with it. I’m a few years past 23, but most everything rings true. I could add a few more and make it “27 Things to Do Instead Of Getting Engaged Before You’re 27” and it would still make just as much sense. [And I don’t mean any of this as an indictment of marriage, or even young marriage. If it’s right for you, that’s great! But it doesn’t fit me right now, and that’s not a bad thing. There’s plenty else for me to be focusing on.]

Wander Onwards


As 2013 wraps up, I’ve been noticing more and more people getting engaged and/or married under the age of 23.

I get it.

It’s cold outside… you want to cuddle and talk about your feelings… life after graduation is a tough transition… so why not just cut to the chase and get married, right?  It’s hip. It’s cool. You get to wear clothing that wouldn’t normally be socially acceptable at the dive bar you frequent with the $5 beers.  Eff it. YOLO. YOMO! You only marry once…

Oh wait.

The divorce rate for young couples is more than twice the national average. Divorce is no longer a staple in a midlife crisis, but rather, something that SEVENTEEN Magazine should probably be printing on. Headlines could read,

“How to budget for your prom AND your wedding in the same year!”

“What’s HOT: Kids raising Kids.”

“Why your Mom doesn’t really…

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